Posted by: Hana | November 10, 2009

why i choose

hi,gw sobah!

why i choose itu punya banyak maksud

tapi mean  of why i choose  disini adalah

why i choose my ordinary as my title coz

sebenarnya itu kata-kata reflex yang langsung terpikir

in my mind tapi my ordinary disini punya arti khusus juga bwat gw

everybody have their ordinary themselves

gitu juga gw, nah…

jadi blog ini gw bkin bwat ajang share about my ordinarylah…

gw tau…ga penting!!

tapi kadang da something that need to be share with the

other right, so i made the  space especially for me

to tell some…. (maybe) interesting experience!!

so, make a friends not bad right? n

i hope i have make it,ok…




  1. wah keren blognya.
    visit n follow me dunkkk..^^

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